Stonebreaker is the sequel to Over the Wall, a story about a young girl named Anya and her quest to find her brother in a vast, abandoned (by humans, anyway) city.

Stonebreaker takes place four years after the events of the first comic. Anya is still looking for a cure to her brother’s condition and has become an expert at navigating the twisted streets of the city. Her life is a dangerous one already, but the stakes are about to be raised even higher…

About the Comic

Stonebreaker updates are a bit irregular now due to other work I’m doing, but I’m aiming to have a page up every week. You can keep track of updates on TumblrTwitter or using the RSS Feed.

Stonebreaker Part One, containing the prologue and the first chapter of the comic, is available to buy online if you prefer your comics on real paper.

Stonebreaker is the sequel to Over the Wall, a comic that was published by Uncivilized Books in 2013 after running as a webcomic. The book (much improved and edited from its online incarnation) can be purchased on Uncivilized’s website.

About the Author


Peter Wartman has been drawing monsters, robots and spaceships since he figured out how to hold a pencil.

He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he works full time as a comic artist.

Comics and more art can be found at Shipwreck Planet, or on Tumblr. You can also email me at for press or business inquiries.