Stonebreaker Part 4 and Convention Appearances

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It’s been a while, but here’s a Stonebreaker update!

Stonebreaker Part 4, which collects chapters 5-6 from the webcomic (with some additional edits and around 10 pages of new content), will be out later this month. I’ll have it at two shows first — C2E2 in Chicago and at ECCC in Seattle — but I should have it available for purchase online sometime in March.

In other news, I have been working on the next chapter of Stonebreaker as well. The script is complete and about 10 pages are almost ready to go, but my paying work takes priority and I haven’t been able to focus much on it for the last few months. I’m not going to make any promises about when Stonebreaker will return to regular updates, but I have no intention of abandoning it. Thanks for your patience, and keep checking back! Anya and Toris’s stories are deeply important to me, and I’m going to see it through, one way or another.

Update! Part 4 is now available online right here!


Stonebreaker In Print

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Hi everyone! It’s been a while.

I don’t have any news about when the webcomic will be starting up again quite yet (I just finished my work on Avatar and I’m still figuring out my next year), but I wanted to let you know that there’s a new print edition of Stonebreaker coming out from Odod books! You can preorder it now, and it should be arriving this June. This is a collection of the first three books I’ve self published (which contain the prologue and first four chapters of the story — yeah, it’s a little confusing), but now with much higher-quality printing, a brand-new cover, and cool spot colors. Go check it out!

I’ll have more news about the future of Stonebreaker soon, so keep checking back! Thanks for sticking with me.

Stonebreaker is on Hiatus until 2019

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As you probably noticed, there haven’t been any Stonebreaker updates since March. This isn’t because I’m giving up on the comic — far from it! — but because I’m working on the next Avatar: The Last Airbender comics. It turns out that trying to handle two big projects at the same time is way too much work, so, unfortunately, I’m going to have to put Stonebreaker aside till Avatar is done around late 2018 or early 2019. Frankly, I’ve already been on de facto hiatus for a few months, but it’s time I actually acknowledge it. Rather than rushing pages and driving myself crazy with missed deadlines, I need to step away for a bit. The comic will be better for it.

That said, there will still be some big Stonebreaker news this year! I don’t want to say too much yet, but the best way to keep up with what I’m doing is probably on twitter, and I’ll also still put important news on this website. Other than that, Stonebreaker is on pause.

Anya and Toris have been running away from giant monsters since 2013, after all. They could use a few months break.

Thank you all so much for reading!

Go Back

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I don’t know if that’s an option, bud.

Sorry about the delay getting this up, by the way! I was hoping to be able to stick to a once-a-week thing, but realistically I’ll just be updating when I can. I recommend following me on twitter or subscribing to the comic’s rss feed if you want to keep up to date.



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A note: I’ll keep trying to get a page up every week, but my workload with Avatar is making it clear that this is maybe a little over-optimistic on my part. Pages will be up when they’re up, I guess! Following me on twitter is probably the best way to keep up with what I’m doing.



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Run run run

Important scheduling update:

I’m deep into working on the Avatar comic now, and I don’t have the time I used to to devote to Stonebreaker. For the time being, I’m moving back to a once-a-week schedule. The next comic will be up on Wednesday next week, and I’ll be updating on that schedule for the foreseeable future.

See you then!