The Final Stretch

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There are only four pages left in chapter two, so I’m going to try out posting pages twice a week till we’re done. Once the chapter ends I’ll be taking a short hiatus to put the second book together (probably no more then a week, but we’ll see how long it takes) and then we’ll be back with chapter three: when everything starts coming together (or falling apart, depending on your perspective).

That’s all for this little update. Actually, wait, here’s a sneak-peak:


Thanks for reading!

3 responses to “The Final Stretch”

  1. Roy says:

    That’s actually a pretty low peak or it’s just really sneaky and I don’t see it!

  2. walex says:

    «when everything starts coming together (or falling apart, depending on your perspective).»

    But everything has already fallen apart, at least for the humans: for the Noridi they lost their city and lived in Korisun for hundreds of years as a shadow of their previous state, for Anyalin and Scribbler they have abandoned their family in Korisun to live in danger among dangerous demons in Noridun, for Baradei and Kohjen they were defeated in battle, Tatchan is lost, and they got hammered in Noridun.
    The only hope they have is ironically Stonebreaker, because so far he seems to have been friendly to Anyalin, and via flashbacks has tried to give all of them a sense of where they are coming from.

  3. walex says:

    Ga, totally out of time, this was an old panel.

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